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"I have been riding in France and in the US for a very long time ; Nadège is the instructor I had dreamed of meeting. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in training horses, she is equally skilled in working with riders. She understands so well how biomechanics, anatomy, and horse psychology come into place. She explains how it all works very clearly. My progress has been amazing since I started working with her. Her passion for teaching has no limit. Nadège likes her relationship with her students.

Her love for horses reflects on every aspect of her activity; the stables are impeccably kept. From the tack room to what she feeds her horses : everything has been thought about carefully. Nadège has been the answer to all my questions. I would not want to ride anywhere else."

Christine Langlois-Poirier

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“Nadege has both the experience and empathy required to help her students successfully perform with their horses elegantly and athletically. She understands the fundamental psyche of the horse and the rider, and can help to mentally and physically educate both. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate voice to help them along in their riding journey.”

Melissa Jamison

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"Nadege is a very special and talented instructor.  She has a gift in seeing the root cause of an issue and articulating the correction.  While she is very kind and generous to the horse, she holds the work to a very high standard.  Her eye for detail is superb, as she notices the smallest improvement or fault.  Because of this combination, you will achieve a high level of work that is good for the horse while your feel develops so that you can continue to improve on your own.  Take advantage of working with Nadege as much as you can - she will open doors you didn't know existed! "


Shannon McGlon

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"I have been riding with Nadege for a few months now. She exudes knowledge and passion. She has one goal in mind; improve her students' skills and the horses' ability as much as humanly and equinely possible in each and every lesson. Nadege is never patronizing and even though I am a bit long in the tooth (I am almost 60) she always believes and expects me to do exactly as she asks. Her lessons make you believe in yourself and inspire you to reach new heights that you had not dreamed of before. Generally speaking, lessons are fun with a knowledgeable instructor but  with Nadege you feel like an Olympic hopeful. My focus has always been polo but Nadege has inspired me to pursue dressage for its own sake rather than as a tool to improve a polo ponies' basic training. I have ridden with many clinicians, including Walter Zettl, Lilo Fore, John Lassetter, and Tom Poulin. The quality of her teaching is like a clinic. I am thrilled to have her as my teacher."


Jessica Martin


"Nadege is a great instructor.  She is passionate about helping her students progress.  She encourages students to learn and re-learn different tools in the training process.

I feel very lucky to have found Nadege."


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